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North Texas 23, Middle Tennesee 17: Canales two wins in three tries


It is kind of hard to believe, no? Well, for those of us who joined North Texas post-2004 it is. Three wins in a year. Hasn’t happened since 2006. Also we fired the guy for that.

I digress.

I just mean that it is again becoming harder to not be excited about the direction of the team under Mike Canales. For all the explosiveness that Todd brought (however briefly) North Texas is back to playing North Texas football. That is to say, that they are running the shit out of it, while playing stifling defense.

No doubt it will make old-schoolers proud to not seeing three yard passes be the basis of the offense, it will also satisfy the crowd that likes offensive innovation. Really, how many ways can you mix up running and passing with 11 guys?*

*It has been noted on most football blogs that a lot of offensive ‘innovation’ is really just cobbled together stuff from way back. Yes, even Oregon’s stuff.

That is all beside the point, however. The point being that North Texas is winning. I don’t care how they do it. It is nice to see. Makes me want more.

Stats that jump out at you, but mostly me:

  • LD5, or as Brians_Song dubbed him: Lethal Weapon 5, had 200+ yards rushing. Riles had a nice game at QB, benefited from everyone keying on Dunbar, and also tossed a nice 30 yard pass to Jackson. 
  • MTSU had another poor game compared to the way they were rolling last year. Looks like The System (Tony Franklin, Proprietor) is missed.
  • Shorter grabbing two interceptions. Defense making plays. Nice to see. Is awesome.

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