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North Texas 14 LSU 41

//featured pic is a collage of #ShowYourColors responses before game time. Thanks ya’ll//

Generally, I don’t like moral victories. Sometimes, however, they taste real good. After getting shellacked by bigger, stronger, more well-funded schools for what seemed like forever it was nice to feel like we had a fighting chance tonight in Baton Rouge.

There is a lot to be proud of. Coach Mac isn’t letting the guys feel too happy with their performance, I’m sure but that is good for them and good for us. He mentioned on his radio show that he wanted the nation to look at North Texas and say “Yo, they came to play.” (Or something to that effect.) And we did came to play. Everyone was fighting and ┬áthe defense was hitting hard. Don’t believe me? Ask LSU QB Zach Mettenberger, who was laid out by Hilbert Jackson with the hit of the night.

Later, Brelen Chancellor displayed some of that Sun Belt Speed we hear so much about — wait wut? No seriously, go back and watch it again (you can, on and look at the separation he gets as he hits 5th gear. Yep. That is against SEC Speed, ya’ll. Not just that but #3 in the nation speed.

The offense didn’t do much against he vaunted LSU defense. It was frustrating, but ask Michigan what it feels like to go against a top defense. It is important to put these things in perspective, and after a long day/night of drinking and hyper-focus a fan can get myopic and make crazy statements.

Don’t be that guy/gal.

Tonight was a good night. UNT fought hard and didn’t get rolled on. Take a look around the Sun Belt and tell me if any of those teams look like they can do a better job against that LSU team in that stadium.

Don’t think so. You can be proud of that performance. Best believe the squad will take out any and all frustrations on poor Texas Southern on Sept 8 in Apogee. I will be there and we will get 60. Called it.

Stats of Note

We had 219 yards of offense and NO SACKS ALLOWED. Granted, they did mess up a lot of passing plays and knock down passes. Still, this kind of thing make offensive line coaches happy. Texas Southern and the rest of the Sun Belt don’t stand nearly as formidable a threat. In fact, neither does K-State.

Also, the running game looked formidable. LSU can fly to the ball and 76 yard against them is SUPER AWESOME GUYS.

Most awesome? We scored 14 points against the caliber of team we hadn’t scored more than 10 since 1987. So walk around touting that to people and stuff.

Hit of the Night

Hilbert Jackson on Zach Mettenberger

TD of the Night

Brelan! from 80 yards out

Run of the Night

Any of Jeremy Brown’s runs

Defensive Play of The Night

How about Zac Whitfield getting an interception in his first game at corner after ending spring as a running back? Yeah buddy.

Random Things

How about all those self-hating? I mean you go to UNT and you talk down? C’mon dude. I’m talking about twitter folk trashing the team. Seriously? SMH

Enough about them, however. Much love to all those who watched the game in its entirety. I saw everyone from former players (Craig Robertson, James Hamilton), to current players (Darius Terrell) to current and former students. That is how you do it. I look forward to getting together with 30K (better be) of my friends, alumni, and students in Denton next week. This is going to be a good year. I feel it in my bones, ya’ll.

Scoring Summary

TD LSU 12:30 Hilliard 38 Yd Run UNT 0 LSU 7
TD LSU 6:26 Beckham 70 Yd Punt Rtn UNT 0 LSU 14
TD LSU 14:56 Hilliard 5 Yd Run UNT 0 LSU 21
FG LSU 6:26 Alleman 44 Yd UNT 0 LSU 24
TD UNT 1:55 BRELAN CHANCELLOR!! 80 Yd Pass frm Derek Thompson UNT 7 LSU 24
FG LSU 2:10 Alleman 30 Yd UNT 7 LSU 27
TD LSU 14:51 Boone 34 Yd Pass frm Mettenberger UNT 7 LSU 34
TD UNT 7:28 BRELAN CHANCELLOR!! 15 Yd Pass frm Derek Thompson UNT 14 LSU 34
TD LSU 2:20 Copeland 5 Yd Run UNT 14 LSU 41

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