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Nitpicking Vito

The worst part of this is the final bullet point. As I said before, the preseason poll everyone quotes(including VITO) was not the overall consensus. This one was.

5. Mac was right about the expectations for this team

Dan McCarney told us all the way back at Conference USA media day that the idea UNT was the favorite in the league’s West Division was flat nuts. UNT returned only nine starters and lost a ton of key players. He was right all along. There is no way one can take a look at what has gone on out there on the field and what UNT has to work with and not come to the conclusion we overestimated this team’s talent.

The above quote leaves out the fact that most publications were also “right all along.” Awful. McCarney himself said that he didn’t vote in that thing. I knew when it was released that we would never see the end of auto-journalism citing it as they mentioned UNT was “favored” to win the conference. Any thinking fan, anyone who has any sense, knew that that this wasn’t the case.

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