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New Uniforms (And A New Shade of Helmet)

The program revealed the newest uniforms for the upcoming season in probably the most modern fashion it could muster. The video had relatively high production values. It looked made in-house and at the very least, just not at the same level as Oregon gets. Must be nice to have an apparel mogul as a benefactor. That said, here is the uniform:

Is that yet another shade of green?

The Derek Thompson-era unis had a weird bluish shade in pictures that didn’t look so bad on the field.

Well, Associate AD @Eric_Capper tweeted out a couple of pictures that show how many different shades we’ve had in these last couple seasons.

Helmet Comparison
An assortment of green

We are the Mean Green and that means all the greens. I’m fine with it. The uniform looks a bit Marshall-like. Here is a comparison:

Uniform comparison
Marshall on the Left. MG on the right

Again, we’ll have to wait for the opener to see what they look like in action. For what it is worth, here is MGN on the first Mac-era change in 2011. Here are some player/former player reactions, courtesy of Colorado Eagle on They don’t think they are super awesome.


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