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MGN Takes on Ball State er Can Company U

Lol. Are you serious? Here at the Nation, we realize that our beloved alma mater has trouble picking a name and sticking to it. At least we didn’t name ourselves after a canning company. Granted, its named after the guys who founded Ball Company …. but it still makes me chuckle.

Ball St? Who goes to Ball St?

Well, my friends at Wikipedia tell me alumni include:

-Dave Letterman
-Jim Davis (garfield)
Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy
-Blaine Bishop
-Bernie Parmalee

and others.

Now I can’t hate on BS University that much because I can’t think of any UNT-produced sports casts. Either its on but it sucks and no one talks about it, or we don’t have one because we suck and no one talks about it. Both options are not good and fall short of BS University in that respect.

I blame the discrepancy on the the D Letterman Communications and Media Center. I mean, if we had something like that we could be producing ESPN producers and fumbling Waco reporters. We do get points for our mascots moving on to bigger and better things.

So I promise to donate something when I get rich and famous and etc.

Call it the NTMescan Computer for Blogging Studies.

Pictured: Artists Rendering

So we have about two weeks to go until Papa and Kid Dodge get to hang 40 on Can Company U. *

*Ed note: May be skewed by homerism.

For now, I’ll leave you with this:

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