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MGN Book Club

On the MGN Slack, a slacker posed the question “What should I do now?” after the men’s basketball team lost in the tournament.

Typically, this is when MGN takes a break and talks to immediate family, and checks in with the world. On the Slack channel, I joked “you should read.”

I thought a little more about it and, desiring an increased knowledge level that comes with book-sumption (that is book consumption combined because we are kewl) I figured a book club would be something to do.

There are about five or so people that have either liked this on twitter or said ‘sure, why not’ on the Slack. That is enough.

The Goal: 10 Books by Start of Fall Practice

Yeah, that is ambitious but we are quality men and women and we can do such things. Again, the goal is to get some reading done and also have a place to discuss it with like-minded folks. To that end, I will suggest some books and curate this list.

Please get at me with your suggestions. We will begin the reading April 1st.

I’m going to list some books that are on my desk, and some others that may be interesting and relatively available. Email, tweet, or DM me with your suggestions and I will formulate a list.

Book Suggestions

Damon Young — What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Blacker
Jon Meacham — Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power
Christopher Hitchens — Love, Poverty, and War
Brent Schuldner and Rick Tetzeli — Becoming Steve Jobs

Ernest Hemingway — The Sun Also Rises
Fyodor Dostoevsky — Notes From The Underground
John Le CarrĂ© — Tinker Tailor Solider Spy
JG Ballard — High-Rise

Let me know your suggestions. We will talk about this on the next podcast, which should record this Sunday.

photo credit: nhighberg Chicago -- June 2018 via photopin (license) | MGN
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