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MGN 2015-16 Mean Green Football Player Rankings

Introducing you to the first ever Mean Green Nation Player Ranking System – Madden/NCAA Style! What we have done here is taking pretty much everyone that is on the North Texas Football depth chart and assigned them a ranking. We assigned their rankings based on what we know from film, highlights and sources. Today’s rankings aren’t an end all be all. We will evaluate the performances of players throughout the season and update the charts. New players are going to break into the depth chart and players are going to getting better or worse. Some people are going to grapple well you have such and such ahead of that guy! Well yes we do and we are open to criticism. Grading players isn’t an exact science, but we feel like we’ve got a good starting place with these rankings. Like I said we will update them accordingly on how the players grade during the season. If you a don’t see a number listed in a characteristic that means that it wasn’t a part of their overall. We didn’t just skip it. We will also be working on getting these rankings into their own page and something easier to sort and read.


QB Player Ranking

RB Rankings

WR Rankings

TE Player Ranking

DL Player Ranking

LB Player Ranking

DB Player Ranking

K&P Player Ranking

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