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Mega Conference Talk

So we are going to the CUSAMWC Super conference? Well it seems like it. The big news today is that the leftovers of the rest of the conference announced an alliance. Bret Vito says UNT officials are going to be mum on the situation.

It makes sense. The administration is trying to look all cool and stuff by rebuffing advances of the Karl Bensen-led WAC and pretending it loves the current situation.

I don’t love being in a conference with FIU, FAU, or really, if pressed, with MTSU. I’ve long advocated a more regional conference. Pretty much everyone is cool with it except for some old-schoolers who think we should automatically level up to the Texas Longhorns present the Big XII (now with less Aggie).

Going into the Texas division of the Conference USA/MWC/Sun Belt Monster Conference presented by Southwest Airlines would be … fine. I suppose. We probably would have to make some kind of weird trip out to Florida or Hawaii anyway but that is kind of cool. I know a few of you made it out to Miami for the football opener last year and had a blast. Trips are cool. A nice drive down I-35 to San Antonio/San Marcos would be a pretty damn sweet.

Nothing has happened yet. I don’t like speculating on conference realignment because it is such a mess. The good news, like always, is that we are in a much more tenable position than we have been at any point in the last decade. Better facilities, better stadium, good baskebtall team, name coach, right track.

By the way, I don’t know how I feel about the new branding stuff. Ugh.


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