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Mean Green Stadium Draws an Observer’s Diss

Thanks to for the link. The Dallas Observer’s Unfair Park did a pretty standard rip job of the new stadium’s projected economic impact.

Observer guys (and gals) are paid to bring a cynical perspective and question the establishment. It’s important stuff and of use to the readership and community.

My biggest issue with the piece is the shortsightedness. It matters little whether the team is doing well. This isn’t a pro outfit looking to subsidize his profit machine. It is a public good. It beautifies the city and by extension the Metroplex. It’ll be there for the Glory of Rome (Denton) for a long while and that is cool stuff.

While the rubber stamp on the economic impact maybe is a little glass-half-full spin, it isn’t a lie. It is the news people want to hear. It will make them feel a little better. You could tell them the truth and tell them about all the factors involved but people really just want to know how it will effect them in their pocketbook (they still have those?) right now. Which is why I can’t be too angry at Joe Tone for his little write-up. He was just providing the other thing people want to hear.

His little spew on “even though it isn’t public money it will be kind of public when you look for enough down the line, yo” is what draws my ire. You can make the same argument about a lot of stupid shit and then feign anger over it.


Your tithes go to prostitutes. You give money to the church for the new Steeple Fund. Church contracts Bob’s Steeple installer. Bob gets paid with Steeple Money. Bob gives $50 to his loser brother always beggin’ for cash so he can leave him a lone because dammit he just needs one night where he isn’t hanging around lying about how he will get a job eventually.

Brother goes buys drugs and prostitute. Boom! Tithe to prostitute! WHOA!

That is the very long way around but it isn’t really unusual. Money circulates. That isn’t (always) sinister.

[Dallas Observer]

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