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Mean Green Nation + TBT

The Basketball Tournament has grown in popularity over the last eight or so years. I remember when it was just this underground self-funded deal, and now has exploded into something rivaling the NBA Summer League. If you love hoop, it is a good chance to see some names, used-to-bes, want-to-bes, and believers all out there hooping for a chance to get some cash. A fun thing that has happened is various alumni groups get together to form basically all-star versions of a basketball program. Until this year, that has not included North Texas.

Enter Bleed Green.

You might remember the name Shannon Shorter — he was a member of some of the better NT teams in the Sun Belt era. He has had a nice career overseas, and has played in the TBT previously. He’s committed to the Bleed Green cause. How about Jordan Williams? Same. You remember Jordan Duffy? How about DJ Draper? Surely you remember Zach Simmons? He’s playing. So is Thomas Bell.

That’s right, a little all-star team bolstered by some other hoopers from like Albany are out here. The tournament begins the 22nd of July and if you feel like making your way to Wichita, KS, you can see them in person. Hey, last year’s edition of the NT program went to Wichita State and got a win so it should be nothing major for Thomas Bell to get a little win again.

There is a bracket challenge and MGN has signed up. Winner gets some Bleed Green gear, in addition to being entered into the main contest. Sign up!

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