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McCarney Speaks To The Masses

I was watching through my computer screen. There he was, pacing back and forth, winning me over again. The first time was back in November. Then he sold hope. This time he sold facts. Stinging facts about the guys who ran this joint before he stepped in.

His honesty is refreshing. Instead of trite cliches, he admitted that “There’s not anybody respectin’ what we’re doing here.” When talking about waking the sleeping giant that is North Texas, he pointed out that “you better get guys that know how to coach and recruit and develop and motivate young men.” Ostensibly, he was talking about his staff and how good they are. Good is a relative term, however, and in this case, in relation to the previous staff. After all, he had just finished listing the problematic state he found the program in.

It is all true. No one respects North Texas, no matter what happened in the early 2000s. Acknowledgement is the first step, guys. The next step is fixing it and for that he has a plan.

The guy loves to talk. He did a little Kevin Smith up there, taking a question and stretching the answer into a story. That’s the kind of stuff that will win over the media. All three of them. It can get a little tiresome if you have to hear it everyday … but that is a future complaint.

On that checklist of coaching traits we know Danny Mac can recruit and handle the media. Can he handle glad handing? You know it. Why did we even ask? Among the videos available was the highlights of the golf classic. There you can find Danny Mac making (poor) jokes and shaking hands with any and everyone. You know that had to be a beating.

Still he soldiers on with enthusiasm. Makes me like the guy even more.

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