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March Madness is Coming

Have you checked your calendar, friend? Kind of hard to believe it is already February 23rd huh? I know it . You know what it means, right?



That’s right. If you’re like most of the country, you don’t give a crap about December games, or big match-ups going on in early January. No, no. It wasn’t time yet.


Not quite…

… but its close.

Don’t feel bad. The players know it. They know they have to wait their turn. They know to put on a great show once their number comes up, too. They don’t disappoint. Haven’t for as long as I can remember.

And you, friend? You have a special role, yes you do.

You have to believe, yes you do. What? What to believe in? Oh, dear! Don’t you know? Yes. You have the most special of circumstances. You are in a most fortunate position, friend. Fortunate, indeed, yes you are!

What? You need me to explain it to you? Ha! You know me too well, friend. I would love to:

You know them big-name schools? You know their fans? Well, you are in a better place then them. Yes you are. Look at Texas. Overflowing with money, talent, fans, support and …. expectations. Yep.

What? Oh, I’m sure you had some hopes and whatnot, but we’ll forget about that now. Keep it between us two, k? Yep. See, the thing is that no one expects a whole lot from our MG. Nope. That’s what makes it fun! Everything they get is Gravy. On. Top.

All you have to do is believe. The more you believe, the more you hope, the more you scream and stomp and yell, well, the sweeter it will be if they win.

It is risky, sure. You may get hurt. Ah, but its okay. That is all part of the fun. Trust me. I’m your friend.


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