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Links: 1.13.17 — New Pro League, GQ, Southern Football, Narratives, Power Read

  1. New Football League for College-Aged Athletes

    Can we be real? College sports are about money. A lot of the sillier aspects of the NCAA would be undone if the de facto minor league simply became an actual minor league. Generally speaking, I think the people behind this are on the right track and have a solid business model. Some of the other things about it — no blitzing? — I do not agree with. While limiting some aspects of the scheme allow you see a player unhidden by coaching plans, you do not see a player adapt to a coaching plan. Think of the NBA before and after the rules changes in the early-to-mid 2000s. It is a different league that requires a different type of player. To be a quality path to the NFL, it would have to resemble the NFL a bit more. That means more scheme.

  2. GQ’s Concussion Diaries

    This was the most affecting essay written this week about sports. It should make you rethink your love and attention to this game.

  3. Any Intrusion Is Met With A Heart Full Of The Good Thing

    This is really about watching La Liga but also about the role of the game in your life. We are all disposed to putting everything into a narrative, but no one said those narratives have to be simple, or stupid, or all-consuming.

  4. Clemppppppson beat Bama and so this is timely

    This is old and also evergreen. I have been guilty of jealousy. I too have wanted the NT football experience to be like an ESS EEE SEE school at times.

  5. Toss/Power Read

    NT did not run much of this (if any at all) this season, but did under Canales. Some Air Raid teams like to mix in some of this run series in here — there is a clip of Holgorson’s WVU running a toss from 30 personnell — and so this might be something we see here if Mason Fine is the guy and they want to mix in some variation in.

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