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Linkidge 3.26.12

We have dates and times for spring practice. If you are so inclined, you should check out Bret Vito’s blog for those. We won’t be getting too much information from this thing.

Prediction: one side of the ball will not look as good as advertised, which causes panic on the message boards.

I’m not knocking the value of spring ball. We the fans aren’t getting much out of this besides entertainment. Which is fine. It is a good time to take the kids out and make new fans.

The interesting news? That would be the Alliance dying . . . sort of.

The NCAA told the MWC and C-USA that it would award the merged league only one AQ berth to postseason events. So instead of two 8-10 team leagues and two AQs, there would be one 16+ team league with only one AQ.

Who in the hell wants something like that?

So we have tons of rumors and scenarios to sort through. I still don’t feel up to that. As anything else in college football, the ca$h is the Piper, yo. It killed the Alliance idea, and will guide the selections and expansions going forward.

We’ve known this forever. My favorite rumor is that UNT-to-CUSA rumor that could place us with Tulsa and Rice. Sweet. Rivals!

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In self-referential news, I am still in the planning stages of the Mean Green Nation Podcast. Yes, if you hadn’t heard, I will be waxing radio voice on the internets. I just need committable recording schedule and perhaps a co-host.

I’ll keep you posted.


Meanwhile you can get an idea of what it will sound like on and

Also? The forum is re-opened. Sort of. Like last time, I was messing around with stuff and wanted to test some forum stuff. So it is up there being unused again. Enjoy/ignore it at your leisure.

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