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Link: New Turf At Apogee


The average artificial field surface is replaced every six to eight years, and the 2017 season was the seventh for Apogee’s original turf. The athletic department’s commitment to player safety coupled with the condition of the existing turf has led North Texas athletics to make this change ahead of the 2018 season.

The post has a nice render of the new field design. It is always good to keep the design fresh, but it is very important to keep the field in good shape. Part of the process of turning NT into a premier CUSA program is the keeping the little things nice.

I never thought the black letterings on the field were ideal, but I kind of understood. At Fouts, the lettering was white so the 2011 season had a little change to kick off the new stadium era. I am not the biggest fan of having Texas behind the diving eagle simply for the fact that nearly every HS in this state does something similar.

I would happily concede that design point for all the new green. Mean Green football should have lots of green.

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