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Linebacker U Parts 1 & 2

This week we saw the MGS video production crew (all great people) put together a nice little video series that combined some nostalgia and Film Room analysis. Craig Robertson and Zach Orr, two current NFL players and both former Mean Green linebackers sit with current SR LB Fred Scott and review some plays from last year. There are a number of insightful things about technique and reading the offense, but also about leadership, dealing with locker room personalities, and team failure. As Robertson said, “I took a lot of Ls”.

Some other great quotes:

“I’m glad y’all beat UTSA, bro” – Zach Orr
“In the NFL, everybody is great. Technique is what is going to win” – Zach Orr
“Y’all clean right here. That’s why I wanted the white helmets bro” – Craig Robertson
(About SMU) “Hey, I need y’all to beat them right here” – Craig Robertson

His advice about being undersized was great, and a thing that is probably going to be applicable for UNT LBs for a while. It just means they have to work harder, and smarter — “being functionally strong”- It is great advice.

In part two, the focus was on some of the classic games of Robertson and Orr’s career, namely the K-State game and the Double Goal Line Stand against Rice in 2013. 1

There was more good advice and some admonishment to the former players who either didn’t show up to summer workouts or didn’t work hard at practice. There was more good life advice from Craig Robertson and Zach Orr as well:

“It’s a kids game. Enjoy it.” – Craig Robertson
“As long as you [do everything you can do] you can live with whatever happens – Zach Orr

There was more back-and-forth about Zach getting a bowl game and Craig not, and more great advice for coming up as an undrafted free agent.

Both videos are must-watches. 2

Update: They are now on youtube. Embedded below!

  1. Incidentally, I was at that K-State game and yes, we should have won and yes, it was half filled with K-State fans. 
  2. Really wish we could get some non-flash videos … 

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