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Light The Tower Master Plan

North Texas announced the new Light the Tower Master Plan today with a website and everything. There is a ton of information there, and you should check it out.

The highlights are these:

  • New Soccer and Track Venue near Waranch Tennis Complex
  • Indoor Practice Facility
  • Expansion of the Athletic Center
  • Relocation of Apogee scoreboards — 4 new video boards replacing the South end zone.

The latter part is a trend all across college football. Just from a quick search: Indiana. Georgia. Mizzou. Troy. OSU.

Yes, this is keeping up with the Jones’. Even more juicy is the long-term goal for building a new basketball arena, a baseball stadium, and a natatorium.

It is the stuff that long-time NT fans (and athletes) have been dreaming of for years. It is now officially a plan that you can donate to.


Image from Light The Tower website.

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