Kansas State is the first victim of the Mean Green March

… or so we hope.

Number 2 versus number 15. Remember when I said that all you had to do was believe? Feels awesome don’t it? Keep believing buddy!

The Matchup:

So our opponent is revealed: Kansas State. I won’t bore you with an extensive breakdown. There is a huge disparity in talent, of course. But there is also a huge disparity in expectations, money, support, history, coverage …

What does all that matter? Not a damn thing.

We can beat these guys. It may take heroic efforts from the squad. It may take a perfect, ‘Nova-type game to get a dubya but dammit, it’s possible.

I am excited for this run. I cannot wait for Thursday. It is our time. We’ll get the hard matchup out of the way first and then move on to the lesser seeds.