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July Summer Update

Again, the dog days of summer and all that good cliché stuff. Good news: NCAA 11 is out today. I played it a little. Like it. Will do it again.

In other news: Rivals saw fit to add wittle ole UNT to its list of Texas schools. Here is Troy Phillips breaking it all down. 

Welcome to, the new home for University of North Texas athletics on the network. UNT, the last FBS/NCAA Division I program in Texas not on Rivals, at last will be represented.

Why now and why Rivals? Let’s tackle that two-part question. Specifically at UNT, traditional media coverage has narrowed the past few years. I should know after covering the athletic department for three years for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Upon leaving there in March of 2009 after 17 years, I wasn’t replaced on the UNT beat and haven’t been since. Traditional media continues to shift heavily toward or be torn asunder by online platforms, so it’s get on or be left by the roadside.

So, there you go. Something about a roadside. I’m down with it. Like he mentions, Rivals has money, is serious and so can actually give us some good coverage. Good times. The Mean Green Report will be lovingly placed on the blogroll to the right of the screen.

You can head there now to read up on what Papa Dodge has to say about stuff. I’ll tell you know that you aren’t going to read anything groundbreaking there. Pretty standard “We’ve been working hard and we are excited about the up-coming season” type stuff. There may be a gem in there that I didn’t catch. I’ll admit that I just skimmed it.

So welcome Mean Green Report. And welcome Village forum and Tower forum.

I kind of have an unofficial policy about not paying for sites. I wonder if having this thing means that I’ll have to be a rivals member now. Crap. [muttering] I bet I can write it off … —- Note* the url doesn’t redirect to, oddly enough. Type in to see what I mean. Click that link though, and I’ve done it for you. 



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