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Jeff Wilson at the NFL Combine

Jeff Wilson went to the combine this week and put up 15 reps on the bench press. He is reportedly saving his other tests — the 40, vertical etc — for the NT pro day. This is all on the advice of doctors.’s Lance Lierlein has him as a priority free agent coming out of the draft but with a ceiling of a practice squad guy on account of his frame, and his tendency to fumble.

The biggest knock on one of the most accomplished backs in NT history was always two things: his fumbles and his injuries.

If Jeff can get into a professional strength program and get paid to improve, he might be able to overcome the injury problems. Fumbles were a problem for Tiki Barber once, and he improved by building his arm strength over an off season.

The point is that Jeff just needs a chance to show what he can do, and improve on his weaknesses. It is unfortunate that his late-season injury prevented him from shining on the combine stage, but while being drafted would do the program some good, getting into the league and staying there is the ultimate goal.

He will get to show his numbers at NT’s pro-day and so all is not lost. Jeff has made his way on the interview circuit and should impress there as he always does.

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