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It’s Friday

It’s Mean Green Friday so yes, I am wearing green. It’s cold and so that means a sweater.

A thing that sucks about being a North Texas fan: there are a limited amount of sweater styles.

I have found myself resorting to some 1930s-style fandom and wearing green but without a logo.

This can also be interpreted as a sign of oncoming Old.

I have no response to this.

I want to eat some Trix and am excited to report that I have some in the pantry. Two points for me grabbing some on my Target run.

There is a halloween party later and I am dubious on the prospects of good food. The plan is to get a little food in me before heading out.

But, one never wants to be bloated in a halloween costume. Planning is key in this area, folks.

Enjoy. Remember Football should destroy UTEP tomorrow and we can all obsess about it.

Tonight, let us Friday.