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Interception Breakdown Pt.1

This was written the day after the game. For various reasons it has been delayed. Thanks a lot, life. Instead of breaking down all three, I’ll put them up one by one to fill space for “content”. #SEO. 


Derek Thompson threw three interceptions against MTSU. Let’s look at one.

The first was on a four-verticles call. Incidently, when run correctly this play call is devastating. For reference, check out Drew Brees and the Saints do it. For more football learnin’ read Chris Brown’s piece in the NYTimes.

We see mistakes made by the H-reciever and the quarterback. Instead of running into the open space, H runs straight up the field and limits the passing options. Compounding the mistake, Derek Thompson throws the ball to him. The only reason I could possibly think of to justify this throw is that he simply isn’t allowed to look at other options. Four verticals is as simple as it gets yet really complicated. “Everyone go deep” is simple enough, but deciding the best and most accurate throw in 2.5 seconds is hard. This is what separates the good ones from the okay ones I suppose.


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