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There are a great many things wrong with college basketball. The meaningless of the season is a tiny one. Those other things — the injustices, the paternalism, the greed, etc — aren’t really on my mind right now. I’m sleepy and procrastinating. Hell, I barely want to write even this thing. I’d rather write . . . something else. I just don’t know what else. This North Texas basketball season is being criticized and re-criticized in message boards and on twitter as we speak. The dirty little secret is that there is not much else to say. At this point, out of the spotlight, and with the SBC conference tournament being open to all comers, the regular season is just a long, bad, disappointing spectacle if you have a terrible team. Makes you wonder why universities keep trotting them out there.

The team is hurt, and has succumbed to fatigue in the last home stand after keeping pace for a while. There is no free-agent, trade, or January window transfer window to save the day. There is just the nine games ahead until the season mercifully ends and a new one begins.

In the mean time? It is a whole lot of meh. It is hard to appreciate the wins and special plays without yelling “Dammit, why could they not have played like this sooner?” It is a spoiled state of being but railing against it is complaining about human nature. Truthfully we are between the angry, complaining stage and the second-chance one. Improvement in these next few games only serves to make us fans feel ever-so-slightly better.


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