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Houston Was Our Problem

I visited my adopted city over the weekend. I drank beer and 90-proof bourbon. I watched us lose to Houston.

I’m not twenty anymore and I feel like I am losing my passionate fandom. I have too much damn perspective for this sports stuff, man. It doesn’t hurt me to lose so heartbreakingly like it used to and I hate it.

I’m lying. I don’t hate it and that makes me feel weird.

I sat up in the wings –where I planned to sit ever since I saw the plans — and watched as some punk Houston kid led a “whose house” yell. I hope he gets turned down in public by the girl he has a crush on.

There were three whole sections filled with Smog-Citizens. They cheered. They commented on our stadium in smug voices. Some guy talked some shit about our Wings. I hope he was a huge Oilers fan and cried when Bud Adams took his team out from under him.

There were half-fans that were asking about Riley Dodge. I hope they break a nail. There were a good chunk of people that didn’t bother to show up — not for good reasons but for lame ones. I hope they had money on the Cowboys.

There was a drunk guy at Tavern who insisted on calling us North Texas State. I corrected him and hurt his feelings, even though he looked like Ron Howard. That doesn’t make sense to you? Too bad. You should have been there. I hope he really does look like Ron Howard underneath his ball cap.

I was there. It felt like so many other Saturday nights at UNT, just across the street. I hope it doesn’t happen anymore.

I heard from a reliable source (ninja face) that Danny Mac doesn’t think we have an FCS team size-wise. That isn’t news. That isn’t so secret either. He has made that known in not-so-subtle ways. I hope he can change that.

It looks like another wasted season for an awesomely talented UNT running back. My one hope this season was that we could send Lance Dunbar out on a nice 2000 yard season to get him some NFL buzz.

I hope we can still do that.


  1. The Woman The Woman September 13, 2011

    Damn those wanna-be fans that can’t handle staying until the end of the game, or think it’s half-time already after the first quarter. And damn that Ron Howard looking mo’fo’ with his confusing drunken anger. I hope his 10 to 14 months is up and he’s got a George type situation going on under that hat too.

  2. nTm nTm Post author | September 13, 2011

    I think he does have a George situation. When will we be up there again?

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