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Horizon Gazing

It is way early to be looking into the future. Only one month removed from March Madness and seven months before November, anything and everything can happen.

That said, even yahoo has jumped on the bandwagon. Sorta.

If both Franklin and Mitchell are able to play next season and the incoming class makes an immediate impact, North Texas might be able to avoid a rebuilding year and contend once again in the Sun Belt League.

The key word being ‘if’. It has gotten to the point where I no longer am giddy at the thought of such a highly-touted group of guys coming in. Instead I am struggling to make sure I am not jinxing the thing, making sure my expectations are tempered by heavy doses of reality checks.

The last thing any of us want is the class to come in under heavy expectations and suffer through a ‘disappointing’ season that under different circumstances (reasonable expectations) would be pretty damn well respectable.

That may be a little good old fashioned UNT self-hate there. Still, it is worth being conscious of. Let’s not get too carried away by fantasy.


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