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Home and Home With Texas Tech Announced

In a move that should have come in January 2010 or so, the program announced a home-and-home deal with Texas Tech in 2024 and 2027.

These things are cool but hard to get excited for. Seven years before we get to play them? Ten years before they come to Denton? We have nothing but good feelings and high fives for the staff who got this deal worked out, but for we longtime observers it brings a twinge of anger and regret.

These types of arrangements could have been made in 2010, and we should be reaping the benefits of these deals now, in 2017. So it goes.

The release makes mention of the various Texas Tech ties the current staff has, but I do not expect Filani or Harrell to be on staff seven years from now. So yeah.

There is no word on the details of the deal up to and including what happens if either side pulls out. I figure there is a cash deal there. That’s usually how they work out.

Looking forward to Lubbock 2024!

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