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Holmen Out, Regurgitated Recruit News

Oh, Vito. He is the only one on the Mean Green beat, having outlasted Troy Phillips twice. He gets to break news like this though:

Jacob Holmen is not practicing today. He is on crutches and in a walking boot. I will find out what his status is after practice. It does not look good, though. At least not to me.

Now if only he’d get around to using twitter instead of just having an account. Who does a live-blog anymore? This isn’t 2005, ya’ll.

Alas, such is the state of media-coverage of our beloved Green and White.

That said, you will find the most up-to-date recruiting info on that site, not this one. I have long held that recruiting creeps me out in some respects while wasting my time in the rest.

I simply find the most of it a crapshoot. Sure, generally high recruiting classes equal high win totals. I’m expecting Danny Mac to do a decent job here and have the patience to let the classes develop.

Using Coach McCarney’s nephew’s rule of thirds –laid out in the Coker Chronicles Podcast — we should look for 8 guys to be all-conference contenders, 8 guys to be on the team but not particularly special and 8 others to leave the program for some reason.

I have no clue what will happen and so am not particularly worried. Our improvement last season was subtle. The big selling point — Apogee — was mitigated by the Texas Rangers and terrible weather. We squeaked out a record with some creative people counting. Our most hyped player suffered from injuries and bad luck.

Compare that situation with ArkSt’s. They won a lot of games and landed the biggest name in recent offensive coordinating history.

SMU? Well they just have won a lot more games than we have and have a former NFL guy/ offensive guru.

Forgive Danny Mac if he can’t woo top guys immediately. If you don’t you may also not realize the depths to which this program had sunk under the previous regime.

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