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Have A Drink And A Smirk 9.19.17

College Football is supposed to be fun. I mean, It is important to remember that this doesn’t matter in the way that food, survival, safety, protection from state violence do.

Yes, there are folks whose livelihood is affected by the outcomes of these games, and that is an unfortunate side effect for devoting your life to a game. I mean, even one of Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside spend the majority of his life in a non-football related field. (I forget which)

Anyway, in that head space I present to you this list of teams on the schedule I would really like to beat based on reasons I mention.

1. UAB

They are the next opponent. That is worth the effort. They also handled NT pretty badly in Birmingham the last time they played. The Freshman Sensation was awful but so was the entire team. I am excited about dealing that squad a loss so bad that they reconsider having brought football back.


I still remember 2013. Every loss to this team has been a result of some self-defeating mistakes that would frustrate anyone. MGN HQ is in SA, and so there is an added dimension. Also, friends still say “oh, your other team” to me and I hate everyone. NT should have done better last year and two years before and it is so stupid that they have lost so often to this, of all squads. Also, UTSA is probably a more complete team this year — still infinitely beatable — and so it will be a tad sweeter than getting the lone win during CHICO 2: THE RETURN era.


Copy / Paste much of the above here. UTEP has won the last two games and I hate them so hard. The good news is that UTEP is worse than the team that NT dissected in Denton back in 2013, probably the peak of Why Not North Texas and Dan McCarney’s coaching time. The stands were filled up, the team was firing on all cylinders and things were looking amazing. The slip to UTSA was bad, and NT whooped Tulsa in Oklahoma before winning the HOD bowl, but the bowl game performance was no where near as complete as the win over UTEP. NT should not have lost the last two games to this team and should exact revenge here in Denton

4. Everyone Else

La Tech doesn’t inspire feeling in me, mostly because they’ve been so dominant. ODU is an upstart with a cool head coach that should take a beating in Denton. Army beat NT but we beat them in NY so yeah. Also it is hard to have sports hate for Army. It is not 1936, after all. Rice is barely a team and has no fans. I’m looking forward to going to Houston though.


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