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Have A Drink And A Smirk: 3.3.17

Future News, Sushi Edition:

Rhett Bito, Food Writer DRC: “Talk about this chef, he’s pretty good right?”

RV, Sushi Entrepreneur: “When I decided — of my own accord — to retire from Athletics, I had a list made up of the best young sushi chefs in the country. And boy you look at this guy and you think, he’s special. I have an eye for this sort of thing. He was at SushiZushi for a while as a waiter, so I know he is in line for good things. Also he works cheap, which is the most important thing”

Barry from GoEatMe, popular fan food forum and pod: “We all know how busy it can be running a restaurant and want to thank you for spending time with us.”

RV: “A lot of people don’t know that behind the scenes we upgraded the kitchen. When I got here that kitchen was bad and we made many improvements there.”

Sushi90, sushi enthusiast: “I already hate it”

RV: “There will always be a small vocal minority on Yelp or something, but we focus on the patrons here. We know that we have to make good food and then people will come. It won’t happen overnight.”

Rhett Bito: “The year is 2021. It has been open a while”

RV: “When I got here the kitchen was awful. We improved that. I’ve also gotten big tips from some people. People like to focus on the negative”


I will try it. Why not?

Thanks, Joe.

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