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Happy Thanksgiving!

This hasn’t been the greatest week ever.1 I’ve taken this as yet another reason to be thankful for my loved ones. I’m also thankful for you guys. Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening.

I’m thankful for the players and coaches, the program, Apogee, the fact that my alma mater is playing in my hometown, the fans, tailgating, my wife, my home, my dogs, my comfy ass bed that I don’t spend nearly enough time in, the turkey, the pies, the cookies, the booze, the coffee, the football, the soccer, the football again, the basketball team being 4-1, the soccer team having gone to back-to-back title games, the future, the past, the left and the right and much more.2

  1. Michael Brown’s family didn’t get a chance at a fair trial. Tamir Rice was shot and killed while playing with a toy gun
  2. I’m from San Antonio. That partly explains my relationship with UTSA. When I decided to go to UNT over a handful of other Texas universities, my choice had more to do with location and academics than sports. Really sports was about 5% of the decision. “Do they at least have a football team that is kind of decent? They do? They won a few conference championships? Cool. Makes it even better.” I think it is infinitely awesome to have my alma mater play in my hometown. It’s like when you were a kid and your best friend come over to your house. Home life mixing with friend life! Worlds colliding! 

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