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Goodbye Georgie.

George Dunham retired from play-by-play. The basketball team sent him off perfectly, with a nice blowout win at the Super Pit with timeouts and stoppages in play filled with memories and congratulations from Georgie’s friends in broadcasting. The man himself mentioned it felt like we were all eulogizing him, when he is still going strong in his day job as 1/3 of the Musers. It does feel like we are doing just that.

I don’t have near the memories of his time as play-by-play man that some other long-time Mean Greeners do. When I listened to George on the radio I was usually feeling disappointed — in the score or the fact I had to be listening to the radio in the first place.

His 25 years have covered some great moments in UNT history. Here’s hoping the next guy gets to call even better moments.

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