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Golden Triangle Fallout

Per Vito on the 23rd –

First off, Antoinne Jimmerson and Freddie Warner will be with the Mean Green for spring practice. McCarney said the issue has been handled internally and that both had done some community service.

Their arrest was pretty much the Friday Bad News Dump equivalent eh? Right after the season ended, in the midst of bowl-season and Manti Te’o time, and before spring practice. I’m still not sure of the details, and honestly, I couldn’t care less about them. Given the relatively minor infraction and subsequent punishment I figure the response was appropriate and lessons were learned. Antoinne Jimmerson was the most exciting thing about last year and figures to be a huge part of the offense not named Berglund.  Freddie will likely start and lend some experience to the much-too-young-and-overwhelmed secondary. Add him the four or five guys that redshirted or are transferring in? I’m figuring we have turned a glaring weakness into a not-so-weakness. Yeah. I’m not so giddy just yet. I’m just glad to be out of freak-out zone.

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