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Game Day: NT at SMU 2021

The best thing about college football is that when the game kicks off, it doesn’t matter what someone said or predicted or thought. It is time to play.

It’s time to effin play.

North Texas is a however-many-TD underdog but that won’t matter when the ball is in the air. Noel Texas needs to attack them damned ponies for sixty damned minutes.

Run to score. Tackle to put them on their asses. Catch the ball like it is gold. Run like your life depends on it. Hit them hard and make them remember your name.

For the fans, it’s time to cheer your face off. Yell on third downs. Yell on fourth downs. Make them know North Texas is in the house. Make sure your Mean Green know you are there supporting them. Let them know when a great play was made. Let them know they can shake off a bad play and you support them.

You can boo the coaches, though. They are professionals and get paid ;).

Go Mean Green. BEAT SMU

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