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Football Scheduling Thoughts

Do not look up the message board complaints about scheduling. There is no non-QB NT issue that fans care more about than the schedule. It has been a sore spot since Rick Villarreal bungled the job, including turning down LSU home-and-homes. I suppose it is only right that MGN complains a little. While I fully realize the difficulty in scheduling is far greater than I imagine, I still have HSOs.

Let us begin. My thoughts in yellow.


  • Lamar meh
  • @ SMU I thoroughly enjoy all of the SMU games
  • @ Iowa Again?<>/mark>
  • Army See above


  • SMU
  • Incarnate Word Okay … not good for attendance, but good for the win column
  • @ Ark Yearly beat down game oscillates between Big 10 and SEC
  • @ Liberty Thoroughly dislike their philosophy but I suppose we can beat them down on the field to make up for it. Do not like that we have to travel there


  • Abilene Christian Local. Might help fill up Apogee
  • @ SMU
  • @ Wisconsin Feel like this will be a MGN road trip


  • SMU
  • @ TAMU Lots of folks will try to impress the school they consider their betters
  • Houston Baptist They have a team?
  • @ Army


  • Rhode Island K
  • @ SMU
  • Liberty Ugh
  • @ Missou Hey, MTSU beat them this year
  • Army


  • SMU
  • @ Memphis Who knows what either team looks like this far in the future


  • @ SMU
  • Memphis


  • SMU
  • @ Tx Tech We were excited about this. It will be a long wait.


  • @ SMU



  • Tx Tech This is what we were really excited about

Thanks FBS Schedules.

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