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First Scrimmage 2013: No QBs

I was not the hugest fan of Derek Thompson’s quarterbacking last season. I cannot think of many outside of his friends, family, and blindly loyal fans that were very excited about the overthrows.

I have never seriously called for him to be yanked from the starting lineup – just for a little competition. Maybe we could see what Brent Osborn had to offer. That didn’t happen last year. Now, with Brock Berglund the latest transfer-who-would-be-savior looking to take the job, I was hoping for improvement through competitiveness.

The QB position has been a sore spot for UNT since Giovanni Vizza decided to pack it up for A&M and a life of quiet reflection. Injuries to Nathan Tune, Riley Dodge, and Thompson had Chase Blaine – a WR – playing QB against Kansas State in 2010.

For the unfamiliar, we have a few guys that show some promise at the position but none that are making the job theirs –at least in practice and as of yesterday’s scrimmage.

Derek Thompson

Tale of the Tape

6’4” 226 lbs
Best attribute: Smart, experience
Worst: Overthrows all day.
Summary: When he’s good, he’s real good. He mixed in some games where he looked tough, a leader, and accurate (v ULL, ULM, K-State). When he’s bad, he’s baaad. Some other games (v Texas Southern, Troy, South Alabama) he puts up less-than 50% completion numbers. Many people think he was the biggest reason the Mean Green dropped the home game against Troy that dampened fan morale, and made the Sun Belt race even more of a long shot. He likely will get the start by default on account of his experience.

Andrew McNulty

Tale of the Tape

6’1” 197 lbs
Best Attribute: Backup QB, Nimble
Worst: Unknown, Little playing time, Smallish
Summary: He redshirted last season. He played sparingly in 2011, throwing for 352 yards and 1 touchdown (3 ints) . . all year. He looks good in practice sometimes and my teacher friend says that he is just a great kid. He benefits from Backup QB Syndrome. He needs a great fall practice to vault above of Derek.

Brock Berglund

Tale of the Tape

6’4” 215 lbs
Best Attribute: Mobility, High Rivals ranking
Worst: Nomad, Uknown quantity, Little football for the last few years
Summary: The DMN (Read: Bret Vito) has the best recap of his journey onto the Mean Green Roster. Read it here. Quick summary –> he has bounced around a few times and possesses huge talent. There is a sense that the job is his if he could just show some consistency and shake the injuries that have slowed his progress.

Dajon Williams

Tale of the Tape

6’3” 177
Best Attrbute: Athleticism
Worst: Smallish, Freshman
Summary: Bret Vito spent some time gushing about him on his blog. Read that here. The good news is that he is arguably the first decent QB recruit that signed with NT since Derek Thompson in 2009. Barring injuries and outright terrible play from the three guys above him, he won’t be starting this season. Although he’s shown some promise with the third team he isn’t quite ready to jump in and contribute.


  1. Josh Clark Josh Clark August 11, 2013

    Good, brief analysis. One correction, the backup you mentioned near the beginning was Brent Osborn, not Brett Osborn.

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