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Film Room Quickie: Florida

Mean Green Nation
Mean Green Nation
Film Room Quickie: Florida

On the podcast and in the recap I questioned the early play calling, specifically mentioning the lack of quick throws. Considering the circumstances — freshman QB, questionable pass execution to this point, inside 20, awesome defense — the call was a bit too aggressive for my taste.

NT opened with a Wilson run. It was predictably stuffed. No big deal. The next play was Levels. Interestingly, that was the first pass play (and actual play) called vs Texas in 2014. Just like then, this one did not end well.

The play is intended to be a quick-hitter and so I will plead incorrectness. While I would still like something short over the middle that was quicker to develop I will concede that this play is supposed to be just that. The X and H were slow to get out of their cuts, and X was jammed up. There was no time to find Y, as by then Mason Fine was being suffocated.

There was good coverage on this play and even if the protection held a bit longer, any throw would have either been really difficult and any yards after catch would have been limited quickly.

Florida is really good at defense. NT is not so great at pass protection.

More to come as I find time in my schedule. 1

Stills and a gif if for some reason the video is being weird:

  1. I want to just note that I inserted the second freeze frame at the perfect spot completely by just eyeballing it. I am so unreasonably proud of myself. 

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