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FAU and MTSU Joining CUSA in 2013

One of the most popular posts on this little corner of the internet is the one I did about CUSA. My thoughts on realignment have always centered on the regional-ness of the games. Having spent my time in Denton without a Texas rival, I am jealous of those new students that will have short trips to San Antonio and Houston in the fall. As an alumnus, and being in SA myself, I am excited that my team will make a trip to come see me, so to speak.

Seeing your football team play after you graduate is an underrated aspect of fan-building. Often people who didn’t care much for the sport while an undergrad will become fans afterward as a means of connecting to old friends. I had no plans on living in Jonesboro, or any of the other outposts in the Sun Belt. Miami was the only feasible option for anyone wanting a city to live and work in that had a chance of seeing North Texas meander through. Now, for the thousands of NT alums that have made their way to Houston or SA, you can break out whatever shade of green that UNT was sporting during your time there and remember what it was like to be 25 lbs lighter.

On to the news: MTSU and FAU decided to jump ship and join the cool guys in CUSA early. They’ll be joining this fall guys.

C-USA 2013


  • ECU (Leaving to Big East)
  • Marshall
  • FIU (former Sun Belt)
  • UAB
  • So Miss
  • MTSU
  • FAU


  • UTEP
  • North Texas
  • UTSA
  • Rice
  • Tulsa
  • Tulane (Leaving to Big East)
  • La. Tech

From what the message boards through out there, it looks as if we’ll be taking place of SMU in the CUSA rotation which means we’ll be making a trip to San Antonio this season. There won’t be much need for speculation as soon as these conferences start announcing their schedules. Houston, for  example announced their home-and-away designations even amidst the Big East’s realignment saga. We’ll know soon enough.  (Why do I mention Houston? Well, I have a work buddy who went there and lets me know practically everything that’s going on with the Coogs. It’s kind of annoying).


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