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Experience The New Mean Green

Totally awesome because I am an alumnus.

I must admit that I am not really that excited about the green helmet with “North Texas” on the sides. I maintain that it looks like a placeholder for the logo.

nTm imagines it this way:

Designer 1: Once we get the new logo files in, they’ll go here. Gonna be awesome with the diving eagle and all that.

Designer 2: Totally. I’ll add them later. Right now I am gonna crash.
Later as the deadline for production looms …

Designer 2: Lemme just email the final helmet design in. OH CRAP! I forgot to put the diving eagle. . . uh. Eff it. No one will notice.

That is how we got that design. Because I don’t want to think about the meetings where it was decided that spelling it out would be better than having a bad ass logo on TV.

That said, I cannot wait for the first game against Houston.


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