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Dear Super Pit,

I miss you.

I moved back to my hometown of San Antonio after living in Denton for 6 years and the only college ball I get to watch now takes place in what resembles a high school, or more fortunate junior high school, gym. I’m not talking mess or anything… and the games are entertaining enough. It just isn’t the same as being at the Pit.

This past weekend my husband made the trip up to Denton to watch our last home game of the season and I had to miss out to attend a friend’s wedding. I was sad to hear we lost and it sounds like it wasn’t for lack of trying but rather just one of those games where we couldn’t pull it out in the end. Hopefully things go better for us in Little Rock.

Now that I’ve left Denton it seems like the school is seeing some major improvements (ie the opening of Apogee Stadium) and we have some major talent on our basketball team –see Tony Mitchell. I even hear attendance is picking up at games. We’re starting to get some serious buzz and I feel like I’m missing out. Time being all evil and whatnot it chose not to be on my side when it came to the popularity of my alma mater.

I think UNT is headed to a great place where athletics are concerned and I hope somewhere in the near future we will no longer only be known for Mean Joe Green, but for the legends this generation is about to turn out.

Any way Super Pit, thanks for the memories. It was awesome being a season ticket holder and having a badass view for some really fun games.


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