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Dan McCarney and his Contract

Rumors were that the thing was nearly $500,000. Vito is reporting that that is the case.

It is considerably more than we paid Papa Dodge. It is fitting of an experienced coach who led a relatively prominent program to relatively high places.

I had this to say about the whole thing:

It is mighty tempting to wish Mike Canales would stay. Listening to his post-game interview, he certainly sounded like a guy that wanted to be here. That means a lot, though apparently not enough for AD Rick Villarreal. Sounding hoarse, from screaming out instructions to his team in tightly contested game on chilly Saturday afternoon, Canales professed his love for North Texas, his love for, and belief in, ‘the kids.’ These last five games have not been obviously impressive. You have to compare them to the poor play under Dodge to appreciate the changes that were made. Isn’t that what we want? A coach that can coach? A guy that puts us in a position to win, promotes the program and gets the guys to buy in? Yes to all of those. Canales sure looks like he could build/rebuild a program.

McCarney has already done so. There is no doubt Chuck Neinas had a mandate to find a coach that had a successful resume in leading a program. How was RV going to sell another (kind of) unproven coach to the donors?

It sucks. For Canales and for those who were rooting for him. He had five games to prove himself, he did admirably and won over more than his fair share of supporters. If circumstances were different we might be discussing how he was going to continue his nice little run into next year. As it is, we will be discussing how Dan McCarney is going to carry on the good things Canales has put in place.

I stand by that. I hope that Danny Mac steps up and makes us forget Canales. There is no doubt there is good things in store for the program. It is odd considering our record the last five seasons.


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