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CUSA Week 3

CUSA had a bad week. Only two teams won and both are in the top tier. I might be the only one who was not really that impressed with UTSA even though they gave Arizona State a game. I maintain that situation was 90% ASU not showing up. Still, some points should be given to UTSA for taking advantage of a team not paying attention.

Last week’s recap.

Last Week’s Miner Rush Poll results

My ballot last week:

  1. WKU
  2. So Miss
  3. LaTech
  4. MTSU
  5. Marshall
  6. UTEP
  7. ODU
  8. FAU
  9. FIU
  10. North Texas
  11. UTSA
  12. Charlotte
  13. Rice

My Ballot this week:

  1. WKU
  2. La Tech
  3. MTSU
  4. Southern Miss
  5. Marshall
  6. UTEP
  7. ODU
  8. UTSA
  9. North Texas
  10. FIU
  11. FAU
  12. Rice
  13. Charlotte

My Rationale:

WKU won an ugly game this week after going through the Alabama grinder. However shaky WKU looks they are the class of this conference.

Louisiana Tech put up a ton of points against Texas Tech, but that is not really a feat, as the Red Raiders allow points to any and everyone. Still, LaTech has managed to look impressive against mid-level P5 teams.

MTSU rebounded from an ugly Vandy loss to win like we thought they would. Next week they have that big matchup with LaTech that will determine CUSA championship scenarios.

Southern Miss lost to a very good Troy team but the most concerning part was the that Nick Mullens had another multi-interception game.

Marshall and UTEP had poor games with both getting drilled at home. UTEP’s was more ugly because at least Marshall could score. Both defenses were gashed.

UTSA had the big moral victory loss against a sleepy Arizona State. If you are Runner fan you are encouraged by Dalton Sturm taking the QB job and the decision to spread the field with formation.

Most of CUSA’s win column is made up of victories over FCS schools. Separating everyone below the top four is really a matter of determining how badly they beat those squads.

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