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CUSA Style Guide: So Much Green

The C-USA style guide popped up on the internet yesterday. It is full of insight into the mindset of the new conference insistent on making you understand that the member institutions are part of the conference. The Brand must be on pretty much everything up to and including team toilet paper.  All that is part and parcel of modern Branding and so I have no real quibbles with this stuff. I was only taken aback by the number of team that sport some variation of green.


I’ll go ahead and count UTSA as having a form of blue so that makes it nine teams that have some variation of azul, guys.

This is what happens when you get these last-girl-at-the-bar type hookups. Hopefully, we stick with our guns and don’t do ridiculous things like wear alternate uniforms for match ups with Charlotte.

This will only be temporary. ECU, Tulane are leaving and WKU will be joining up. We need some color differences in our lives, ya’ll.

One Comment

  1. Adrian Adrian June 30, 2013

    I tend to agree with you. It couldn’t hurt having some red teams or maybe even purple. Gotta mix it up a bit. I remember thinking about how many teams in the new CUSA would be using green..

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