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CUSA Power Rankings

I mentioned on the podcast that I was submitting my ballot to the Miner Rush blog and I totally spaced and did not actually submit it after all.

Still, we can pseudo vote:

  1. WKU — Still the team to beat until they are completely torn apart and do not win the conference title
  2. La Tech — They are the equal to WKU in talent, they just need to actually pull it off when it matters to actually win this league.
  3. MTSU — The Blue Raiders fell apart late but can play with anyone on their day.
  4. Southern Miss — This is clearly a second tier as each of the next three teams have issues. Southern Miss has talent but no QB.
  5. ODU — I still feel like we are putting them too high. Until they prove us wrong and start losing we have to respect them.
  6. Marshall — They are probably too high and too low. They are better than their record last year but that doesn’t mean anything when they play terribly.
  7. UTSA — It is hard to know what this team is right now but they have been amassing talent. They have an experienced QB, the publicity, and a down Baylor ahead of them. We will know more about them soon.
  8. UNT — We have some outstanding questions at QB, our line is a bit thin, and the defense could use some depth. A favorable schedule means we can jump up and make some noise. Good win last week.
  9. UAB — They feel too high. They are like an FBS startup on steroids. They have a lot of players that can play but everyone is rusty. They have enthusiasm behind them and have good staff.
  10. UTEP — It is probably a disservice to put them below UAB but they didn’t look good last year and they lost their best player.
  11. Charlotte — Lost talent from a team that did a lot of losing
  12. FAU — They had a cool touchdown before being hammered. Lane Kiffin is a good coach but this will take a while to get off the ground.
  13. FIU — Butch Davis is a good coach but this will take even longer to get off the ground.
  14. Rice — This will not get off the ground.

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