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CUSA Power Rankings 10.3.13

Between the bye-weeks and the terrible non-conference losses there wasn’t much change in the power poll. I don’t like moving a team up or down if they didn’t play but MTSU played so poorly that their drop forced up Marshall and Rice. I kind of want to drop them further but UNT didn’t play, Tulsa looked unimpressive, and UTSA got run out of their own building in a horrible 3rd quarter.

  1. ECU – Looked good against UNC. Remain on top.
  2. Marshall – Bye week. Only move up because MTSU played so poorly. Play CUSA-mate UTSA this week.
  3. Rice – Meh. Not really a good outing at home vs FAU. 18-14? Still haven’t lost. Play at pre-season conference favorite Tulsa this week.
  4. MTSU – BYU beat these guys handily. It wasn’t so much that they lost but that they didn’t score after the first quarter and looked clearly second-best.
  5. UNT – Bye week. Hopefully TS Karen avoids New Orleans so this game can continue. Sure, it’s in the dome but still.
  6. Tulsa – I continue to be unimpressed by this Tulsa team. Lost to a not-very-good-but-improving Iowa State team on Thursday night last week. Wanted to drop them lower but for who?
  7. UTSA – Wow. That did escalate quickly. I was at this game and despite the score, UTSA was hanging blow-for-blow with Houston for 1.25 halves. That blocked kick for touchdown and subsequent interceptions thrown by Eric Soza ended all hope for a close game and turned a shootout into an obliteration.
  8. Tulane – The beat ULM. The problem is that it is hard to rate ULM this year. They got obliterated by Big 12 teams but beat Wake Forest. Take on UNT this week. We’ll learn more then.
  9. UTEP – A furious comeback from down 28-7 that included a couple of Showers-to-Leslie bombs made it interesting vs CSU but they went right back down by a bunch of touchdowns. UTEP doesn’t look good at all.
  10. UAB – Vandy ate ’em up.
  11. FAU – Ladies and Gentlemen, we have improvement! A four-point loss to Rice in Houston isn’t a bad thing. Take on UAB in Birmingham this week.
  12. SoMiss – Winless, and made Boise look like old Boise. The take on FIU a battle to determine how terrible the bottom of the conference is this week.
  13. LaTech – Well this is very sad. Army beat them up in a neutral location. 0-4 against FBS, guys.
  14. FIU – Despite FIU and SoMiss’ attempts to steal the Worst Throne from FIU, they have looked terrible. Have a chance to be the first to lose to Southern Miss in a long time and will get to stay here if they do.

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