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Coming Soon: Football Season Preview E-Book

I wrote that I was back to full-time caring about the NT squad and that is true. MGN is putting out a season preview e-book soon and that is where my attention has been. As always, it is aimed somewhere between the die-hards and the casuals.

As most things, it takes a little time, that precious resource we have very little of.

Details for how to buy the book — it will be $10 — are forthcoming once those are finalized. Note that there will be discounts for those who are members. You can become a member of MGN at this link — LINKY LINK LINK

As I’ve written previously, the benefits of membership are the knowledge that you are helping this little endeavor continue, but that when there are things like shirts and books and what-have-you there will be discounts.

Speaking of shirts, this one commemorating The Drive or the Miracle at Apogee are available again.

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