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Come All Ye DFW Footballers

I love this from MGN favorite Marcus Trice:

Dear Recruits,

The only reason Miami became “the U” is because all of their talent wanted to stay home and turn a program around together. Our country’s most talented high school athletes are in the DFW. If more of y’all decided to accept the challenge and stay home, there’s nothing the world of college sports could do to stop y’all. Honestly , if the DFW players stayed home to UNT, they would be a major power house every year. Who’s going to be the class to accept the challenge and bring back glory to DFW football?

With that being said, #gomeangreen. Stay home and show the world that we are #untouchable #countmein

  • Marcus Trice, Mesquite HS ’09

That’s mighty convincing recruiting work from one of the leaders of the 2013 Mean Green squad that nearly won a conference title, and did win the 2014 HOD Bowl.

Like most great sales pitches, it leaves out the ugly bits: like how you need some good coaching to go along with a talent-grab. Mack Brown’s Texas squads reflect some of this, as they had talent but not the best development1.

I really like how Seth Littrell is not only continuing the very good McCarney practice of welcoming back alumni, but doing so in a very 2016 way. While simply having former members come to the practices and hang out on the field during games was great, getting them out on twitter to sell the program is better. Go where your audience is, y’all.

The other argument you can make against Trice’s plea is that he himself chose Oklahoma first. Well, that kind of strengthens his point. He transferred to Denton, fully immersed himself in the program and culture, became a team captain, and won some hardware for the program. If similar guys chose to do North Texas first instead of using Denton as a safety school good things could happen.

Again, this is great and I love it. Seth is checking all the right boxes so far.

  1. Well, they at least had talent that was projected to be good in college. All those early commits don’t necessarily guarantee a haul of actually good players. Mack might have got too good at selling his program to HS Juniors. 

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