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Coach ‘Em Up

This is all kinds of wonderful. While I suspect that some fans get a kick out of coaches reprimanding their players out of some misbegotten vicarious living of a power trip, I appreciate a guy who knows what he is doing and trying his best to 1. impart that knowledge to other people, and 2. make that person better.

That is what we see here. He gives encouragement, he points out mistakes, and he demands perfection.

I’m less excited about some of his corny jokes, though. But you can’t have everything. Now that you’ve enjoyed it, let us remember that this is a heavily edited look at a snippet of one practice that was on the official site. We were never going to see anything bad here. Which is fine, because despite what some folks think about fandom, we don’t do any hiring or firing. The majority of our evaluation will come from on-field play.

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