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Blazer Crew Comes To Town; Tristan Dominates: UNT 87- UT-Arlington 83

Blazer Crew

Well the rival school from the UT system came to town, bringing their freshly blazer’d spirit group in tow.

That is them up there.

The game was a North Texas dominated affair for most of the game. It was almost the opposite of the game down in San Marcos, complete with UTA making a nice little run with four minutes to go. There are a lot of ways to interpret this one and I’ll leave the majority of that to you, dear reader:


This is Awesome

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Basketball Recaps

Bobcats and Kids – A Magical Adventure: UNT 81 – Tx State 77

The Fearsome Bobcat Student Section

Ed note: North Texas played the mighty Texas State Bobcats in San Marcos while K-State (and a crapload of Kansans) visited Fouts. Intrepid blogger and UNT alum (and apparent Aggie fan?) Quoner, aka Brians_Song reports:

Have you ever taken a child to a sporting event? I hadn’t. My experience with children at games was simple: scan my seating area for children and then adjust speech/alcohol intake accordingly. So, when my seven year-old nephew decided to join me, my father-in-law and wife at the North Texas vs. Texas State game, I didn’t know what I was in for. Could I still yell? How often will the kid need to pee? Will he get bored 10 minutes in? Also, will a kid who has only been to two Houston Rockets games get into a game with about 300 people watching in an empty stadium with a giant white wall on one end of the court?


UNT hosting Rice at the SuperPit: North Texas v Rice Preview

The Super Pit

After introducing the Phog last Friday for the game at Kansas, its time to talk a little about the UNT Coliseum, the Super Pit.


UNT Heads Into The Phog: North Texas at Kansas Preview

That’d be the Phog and the Phog

Phog Allen was born Forrest Clare Allen in 1885. Which would make him125 years old, yesterday.

Who is this man that led the University of Kansas to name their basketball arena after him? Well, he was pretty awesome. A quick browse of his Wikipedia page lets us know that he won three college basketball titles, helped found the NCAA tournament, led the football team to a 5-2-1 record at one point, helped recruit Wilt Chamberlain and coached something like four HOF coaches and also, Bob Dole.

Basketball Recaps

North Texas 92 -Texas Tech 83

Josh White: Beast

Already being called the most amazing atmosphere at the SuperPit — and maybe at a UNT venue ever– the win versus the Red Raiders was many things — a statement, a big win, a great way to start the season — but most of all it was fun. Yeah. Fun.

It had a little drama, a lot of action, a little underdog (literally) and a great finish. Oh what a finish.

I hugged a stranger.

That kind of finish.


Men’s Basketball 2010-11 Season Tix on Sale

Go to to get your tix.

Just taking a quick little look-see at the home schedule I already see a couple of games I am looking forward to attending:

November 16 v Texas Tech

Even though UNT made the Tourney last season via the Sun Belt Tournament, it is always good to pick up wins vs Prestige Conferences. I know Texas Tech isn’t Kentucky or some such but they are a name team. Also it is good to get over on the Big 12(ten) every chance you can get.

November 23 v UT-Arlington

The big regional rival. Even though no one cares about basketball in this region, and especially not about non-Big 12(ten) basketball, this is a huge game.

December 19 v Texas State

I’ve argued somewhere in the Internet that I am down for having Tx St and UTSA join us in the same conference. It is so much easier to get people excited for regional teams than for Florida Atlantic. Believe it or not, people actually attended Texas State/Southwest Texas State. I know, I didn’t believe it either. So  I am looking forward to stoking the hate-flame early.

Jan 1, 13, 22 Feb 3, 17, 19, 26 v Conference foes.

Gotta protect the home court. Big games all.


UNT and Conference Realignment from around the Internet

Vito does a good job of breaking down how and why we would go about convincing conferences that we are worth picking up.

It is not news that our conference could use some closer rivals and/or more prestige. Conference USA has a couple of Texas teams. That would be sweetness if we joined up with them.

However, we are not in a position of strength, no matter the improvement we’ve made in facilities and basketball.

Eagletalk breaks down what the official website said vs something or other (I skimmed it. I was watching the World Cup–gimme a break).

From what I can tell, some combination of Big XII South teams will break off and join the (current) Pac-11. A&M may or may not join the SEC (good move in my opinion– at the very least culturally). CUSA and the Big East, desperate to fight off the impending new round of expansion by the Big Ten(twelve) in the coming 6-12 months is going to try to raid the leftovers of the Big XII. They have stated as much.

That’s where we have a shot. With conferences looking to grow to behemoth-size, we have a shot to join one of those new large, lesser conferences like the Conference US-East, or Big Conference East USA.

Whatever. As long as we get some good teams coming through Denton, I am happy.


Update on the Mean Green and Conference Re-alignment talk

Inside North Texas:  What the shit, man? It looks like a ghost town in here. Letting us know what’s up with chicks and the Square.

GoMeanGreen: Howling about Obama and updates on other conferences.

Speaking of conference realignment:

I once wrote at length on the subject back when I was bored and not disillusioned.

Although somewhat interesting to see what will happen,  it is near pointless to gripe about it without doing something about it.

Most likely, the rich will try to get richer or stay rich. The poor ( That’s UNT) will get poorer or stay poor.


JJ Safe … For Now, Fans Rejoice

Via some website. 

Auburn signed some other guy. The Nation rejoices.

As some rightly pointed out, I figure that we have JJ for one more year. Although the iron is arguably the hottest now, leaving UNT would leave the university in a precarious position recruiting-wise. All of which I would rather not think about.

Thank goodness the crisis is averted (for now).