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Canales Try-Out Series: Game Two vs Troy

Here we go.

Last week, after a throttling of hapless Western Kentucky I said we should put a hold on printing out a new head coaching contract for ol’ Chico. If we get a similar result today, I think maybe we can at least think about formatting said contract.

That is jumping a head a little, however.

Troy was favored to take the conference, but thanks to some weirdness courtesy of Louisiana-Monroe it isn’t a foregone conclusion.

What I am looking for:

Riley Dodge to throw the ball more… effectively

Why? Well, mostly because don’t know if we can run Lance to death. The other part is that I want to see a complete performance offensively. I don’t need to see yards or forty-something attempts. An effective passing game that keeps the Trojan defense honest would be ideal.

The team is 28th in the nation in rushing yards, but only 101st in passing. Also, we are not an
option team. If the game went according to plan, UNT should be coming out with about 200 yards a game — not the measly 127.

Of course, it has not been the ideal squad out there. Tossing out Chase Baine on a week’s worth of snaps does not an AirRaid team make. For an quick look at how far it has gone off the script, take a look at Nate Tune’s stats. He remains the leading passer despite only playing two games.

Fire, Gumption and Overall Ubeatedness. 

Are you in the Canales fan club? Then you want the squad to come out like they love him, replete with all those cliched feelings of loyalty, doanythingfortheguyness, runthroughwallsforhimtoo-ility. A motivated team moving in one direction can do amazing things.

A good broadcast

I mean, 8.95 guys? It’s my first dalliance with Mean Green Premium. We’ll see how that goes.

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