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#CampLitt Update 1

Fall camp has begun. We can begin obsessing over amateur reports of amateurs. Already, retirees are filing internet reports of the goings on of #CampLitt. For you olds, that is the millennial way to refer to Littrell’s fall camp. At times it feels like all of college football marketing can be summed up thusly:

But I digress.

The best read of the week didn’t come from the DRC, nor here, but from Football Scoop. The How I Work genre is endlessly fascinating and we can file this post there, right next to other Hard Knocks lite day-in-the-life entries.

What did we learn about Seth Littrell: The Football Coach, Man, Leader?

If you follow football at all, not much really. He’s involved, trying to be Tough, while also being Understanding. It’s typical Head Coach as Father stuff you likely heard or experienced as an awful high school player.

That is fine. We shouldn’t expect to find a guy that will break the mold. The football culture in Texas will not tolerate too much of an outsider. We want someone out of the typical mold.

In other news, Vito reports that defensive tackle Bryce English was not granted a waiver to play this year. He’ll wait a year.

Also of note, Will Johnson and Cody Hayes, two of the best recruits in the last class, did not qualify.

We picked up plenty of hints that this was going to be the case. From the summer roster updates, to the SL comments during Media Days, to the little birds that whisper in Greg’s ear.

It is hard to be disappointed about these developments considering roughly one out of every handful of transfers here has produced to expectation. Marcus Trice is probably the best example, but for every Trice there are Tyler Stradfords, Darius Terrells, Anthony Wallaces.

Now is not the time to become overly concerned with the last recruiting class, as everyone’s focus is on #CampLitt. Also, it was always going to be a crapshoot considering the circumstances under which Littrell had to recruit.

So we wait for more updates on Kenny Buyers making plays at inside receiver, the speed of the freshman, and the various commentaries on throwing motions.

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